Stephan Wiesner is a German photographer specialized on portraits and landscape photography. He's the author of several photo book bestsellers, a succesful blogger and host of the Stephan Wiesner YouTube channel with 115.000 subscribers.

Angelina Devine is a Danish based wedding and portrait photographer. The vision is to capture the love and have it printed to enjoy today and for many generations to come. Every year Angelina donates 2-4 weeks of photography-work to help others, believing that if everyone helps a little, it helps a lot. Running her own studio since 2007 has also given her some insight in how to be profitable as a photographer, which have led to talks, workshops and blogs.


Marco Larousse is a fine art, street, and documentary photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. Capturing visual memories for current and future generations is what motivates him to go out with his camera and explore his city and other places around the world.

Marco's PPN - photo podcast Network homepage: 

Reiner Girsch is a street photographer and publisher of the street magazine Soul of Street.With passion he follows his hobby and tries to capture the the often unperceived moments of everyday life to save them on his SD card. Every month he organizes a free photo walk in Cologne. / reiner_girsch

Dave Kai-Piper is a British born photographer living in Ireland. His work is based in the portraiture world with fashion and beauty elements blended together. When not working he is exploring the world on two wheels shooting and documenting the world around him. Over the years he has been an ambassador for Fujifilm, SmugMug, 3 Legged Thing, Peli Cases, Trek Pak and many more international brands, alongside teaching photography at Wolverhampton University + writing for many known publications about the world of photography.


Stefan Groenveld is mainly known for his sports photography at the football club St. Pauli. Event and portrait photography make his portfolio complete. With his experience and knowledge of human nature, he is able to naturally depict people who are unfamiliar with cameras. In his spare time he supports the charity initiative Viva con Agua with his way of taking pictures at eye level. His pictures from Uganda, Nepal and Ethiopia adorned several publications of this NGO, and Leica also used these pictures to advertise their rangefinder camera.

(Photo: Josh Terlinden)

Calvin Chintaka is a visual storytelling, multidisciplinary image-maker, based in London. He gained his BA in fashion photography at the London College of Fashion and currently works as a freelance fashion film director and photographer around the world. Calvin enjoys travelling the world creating emotive documentary imagery. He recently travelled around Sri Lanka for 30 days on a scooter and is currently working on his first photobook publication.




Frank Fischer has been a photo trainer and owner of the FF photo school for many years. With a team of over 20 lecturers he gives photo workshops all over Germany, and organizes photo trips worldwide. The Cosyspeed bags are the ideal solution for his Olympus cameras.

Joseph Stanton aka Stantography is a streetphotographer based in Great Britain. He is a street photographer, with a passion to document life frame by frame. He uses both digital and film formats, and likes to make little movies too. He has opened his very own studio in late 2018 and he says it's the best decision he have made to date.

Paul Monaghan aka Foveon Wizard is a creative, portrait and product photographer based in Glasgow Scotland that loves to travel and capture the landscapes of Scotland when time allows.

Piotr Kowalski is a street photographer from Poland. As an enthusiast of the magic of analogue and the precision of digital photography, he captures moments by using diferent optics (also analogue) connected with digital PEN F. He also likes to evoke and bring out emotions through portrait photography.

Joseph "Photo Joseph" Linaschke is a content creator, educator and Youtuber - he's been shooting since the age of seven, teaching and presenting on stage to audiences around the globe for over 20 years, and runs an online resource of photo and video education at

Anja Kallenbach combines her love for the mountains with her passion for landscape photography. She prefers to get her camera out only after everyone else has gone to sleep, and has thus become an expert in Milky Way photography.