Streetomatic RF
Streetomatic RF

Streetomatic RF

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The new STREETOMATIC RF is the perfect quick access camera bag especially made for cameras without a viewfinder hump, so called "rangefinder style" cameras. It's a perfect fit for a Leica M, Sony A/C or Pen F camera.

The design is based on the same principles of our "big" bags:

Quick one-handed access
All-days wearing comfort
Easy to carry
Protection for your equipment.

The STREETOMATIC RF by COSYSPEED is the perfect quick access bag for street photographers, world travelers and for city trips. It is particularly well-suited for urban exploring and traveling.

What's new?
The STREETOMATIC MKII has been fitted with an additional zippered interior lid, and for the first time features and integrated rain cover.

The STREETOMATIC is made of high-tech synthetic leather, as it is used in the automotive industry. It is robust and waterproof. The FIDLOCK magnetic latch adds a modern kick to the classic, urban design. The STREETOMATIC RF is available in brown/grey 

Internal dimensions
Width: 160 mm
Height: 150 mm
Depth: 85 mm
Weight: 500 g

Scope of delivery
Streetomatic RF
Integrated rain cover
4 dividers
GYMBAG Made in Africa