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The COSYSPEED GYMBAG is made of best African cotton in top quality. One side of the bag is dyed with natural colors, the other side is finished using traditional African wax print techniques.

Each CAMSLINGER or STREETOMATIC bag purchased in the COSYSPEED ​​online shop comes packed in a GYMBAG for free.

The GYMBAG is also available as a single product - use it to carry your groceries home, or to take your sports clothes to the gym. :-)

The GYMBAG is manufactured at our production site in Burundi/Africa in collaboration with Burundikids e.V. and the Foundation Stamm. In the  mothers-child home in the former capital Bujumbura, mostly minor mothers receive a home for themselves and their children, medical care - and can study the profession of a dressmaker according to German educational standards. Thus, every cleaning cloth produced there helps to give young mothers and their children a basis for a better future.

Height: 400 mm
Width: 400 mm